TikTok Trends 2024

7/8 How life feels when...

29.5K Videos

Trend Recap

Creators are using this new TikTok lingo to show off their excitement for life. Any sound works, it's more of the text format. This would be a seamless transition for brands to show extreme excitement and hype around their product.

7/8 If you were to ask me

79.8K Videos

Trend Recap

This photo carousel trend is a way for users to share how deeply they adore/hate something they obsess over. Could make interesting content for UGC creators working with brands.

7/8 So distracted

14.6K Videos

Trend Recap

Funny audio trend where person A can't even focus on what person B is saying because they are just far too distracted.


Being a wife is kinda cool not gonna lie

♬ original sound - chloee.fischer

7/8 But they say when you change your perspective, thats when miracles happen

21K Videos

Trend Recap

This sounds byte really does give us all the feels. One moment we are full blown freaking out and the next we are learning a life lesson. Great to use for your three second hook to get someones attention!


trying to show my gratitude on the toilet this morning

♬ original sound - ALONE 👿💔🤍

7/8 James Charles We are f*cked CapCut

5K Videos

Trend Recap

Using this CapCut template of Mr. Charles in full panic mode, creators are coming up with witty content over something to stress about. Brands and creators alike could use this CapCut as a hook to capture viewers of why they would need something desperately.


the jungle of nool set transitions r not going well…

♬ original sound - Shaun Gray 💍 Wedding Planner

6/25 Give me 14

8,278K Videos

Trend Recap

This hilarious audio trend can be used to describe something you love. Captions are key! We think it would be perfect to use when promoting a product or service. Who doesn’t want 14 of a good thing?

6/25 Summer Wishlist

47.5K Videos

Trend Recap

This trend can really be used to showcase anything. As long as your summer wishlist is there with music, the photo and checklist can be interchanged to feature a brand or service. Perfect for your summer ads.

6/25 Britney Smiling - Capcut

2K Videos

Trend Recap

Using this Capcut template of Britney, you can put her smiling video over a static or video. Use the background to mention details about your product or add a little sparkle to your already creative videos.

6/18 44 That's Me!

11.6K Videos

Trend Recap

Who remember's this commercial?! Users are bringing it back to show them being excited about something. We love this idea of diving into older ads and commercials for inspiration. So fun!

6/18 6 Inch Louboutins to Court

3K Videos

Trend Recap

Users are mouthing the words of this hilarious sound byte while showing a caption at the same time. Using it to describe a time where they were called out for something being fake or cheap when it isn't. We think this would be a funny way to easily show the features of your product!


nothing wromg w shein boots just thought it was accurate


6/4 CapCut dancing

105.1K Videos

Trend Recap

Users are grabbing this CapCut template where you can put any face on a dancing body to create funny meme like TikToks

@thesmithjonesfamily #CapCut idk how im still going with no sleep😭#foryou ♬ original sound - Logan Sampey

6/4 I'm on my way

15.9K Videos

Trend Recap

Using this audio and a caption for context, users are playing up this sound byte from Super Nanny. Glasses filter is a plus!

6/4 If you had to pick...

15K Videos

Trend Recap

When the user can't make a decision... playing up this political audio is the only way to go... "the gun would go off"

6/4 Guilty

1.6K Videos

Trend Recap

Trump was found guilty on all 34 accounts. How would you use this hilarious audio?


and the worst part is that i could’ve kept going😵‍💫

♬ original sound - nbcnews

6/3 I'm on SNL and you're not!

38.8K Videos

Trend Recap

After Sabrina Carpenter’s iconic SNL performance where she gave a subtle brag to being on SNL, creators are using this audio to make their own brags

6/3 Okie Dokie

1K Videos

Trend Recap

Users are taking this audio and joking about someone annoyingly showing up unannounced

6/3 Trying to sleep

17.1K Videos

Trend Recap

Funny audio where users joke about something interrupting them (their sleep)

6/3 Friendship dictionary

Hot Trend

Trend Recap

In this "heads up" style game, friends try to guess their own iconic sayings

6/3 Zipline

7K Videos

Trend Recap

Funny audio creators are using to joke about their friend who only cares about one specific thing when they hang out

@lilly.engebretson rip my snack cupboard after these 2 come over😐##fyp#bsf#snacks#foryou ♬ original sound - ITYSL

5/14 How would you dance in the 80's?

46.4K Videos

Trend Recap

Creators are asking their parents how they would dance to this song in the 80s. The turn out = pure gold!

5/14 Get up here, let's dance

32.9K Videos

Trend Recap

Creators are using this viral sound to show off their best moves. Emma Stone must be so proud!

5/14 What color is my shirt?

16.8K Videos

Trend Recap

Using this playful sound byte you can poke fun at something that is unfamiliar to you. AKA GenAlpha.

5/14 Fancy pants rich mcgee

12.3K Videos

Trend Recap

This viral song can be used to show a funny come up. Captions are key!


Please tell me im not the only one that uses grocery bags like this😭

♬ Originalton - Chat Music

5/14 Dublin portal

Trend Recap

The New York City-Dublin Portal is such a hot topic right now. Any content pertaining to this installation is catching fire!

5/13 Looking for a man in finance

13K Videos

Trend Recap

I mean, aren't we all? We are thinking this might be the hit song of Summer and we are here for it!

5/13 Cutting into fruit

Trend Recap

Using CapCut, the two videos merge into one hilarious story. This is an easy idea for a fun transition or it can be used in an Ad to show off your products for summer.

@tacobell crunchwrap with a side of coconut water 10/10 #CapCut ♬ original sound - tacobell


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