April Highlights 2024

The First Omen

MediaNug partnered with Disney/20th Century Fox on social ads for the upcoming release of the film The First Omen. The marketing team at Disney expressed concern about their film being sandwiched between two other similar films released before and after The First Omen, and wanted to lean in on a unique social media campaign to generate buzz. MediaNug collaborated for weeks in the development of a "found footage" approach on TikTok, creating an authentic-looking piece of what appears to be a gender reveal from the late '90s/early 2000s. The piece was filmed using cameras from the time period and dressing actors in timeless wardrobe. Instead of releasing blue or pink smoke, black smoke is released during the reveal, causing panic and confusion among the guests. A priest then appears to shut the camera off. The piece was able to do what all social media content hopes for: go viral! It amassed over 70 million views across different social media platforms and created all sorts of engagement, from shares to likes to comments. The hard work, collaboration, and attention to detail paid off! The buzz was definitely buzzing.


Look no further than Aussie Haircare for a Miracle! We had fun casting a variety of hair types for Aussie’s first UGC campaign on Snap. We loved playing with different hooks, the talent using the line of products, and showcasing the big reveals!


KIND Bars are a big IN for 2024! Looking to pair a New Years theme with their brand, KIND Bar worked with our team to produce UGC content that helped users connect Kind Bar with their annual resolutions through the playful trends found on social platforms.

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