February Highlights 2024

Crumbl Cookies

For Crumbl, we decided to flip the tradition of getting your S.O. flowers on it's head. We thought that Gen Z (a famously non-traditional generation) would respond the most strongly by subverting tradition in favor of a fun alternative. Who needs flowers when you can have cookies!

Official App

A fun spin on dating, Official App was looking for adventurous couples focusing on making relationships last. We found couples who knew of or used the app and combined it with the fun, and somewhat raunchy, context within the app. Showing off the interactive features of the app with many possibilities to spice up any relationship, combined with couples who were game for anything, these pieces highlighted just how great having a partner can really be!


This was a great hands on collaboration with MediaNug and the team from LoveHandle!  It was a true team effort as we had to pull several Nuggies to help execute the vision, but we all had a blast filming and using our LoveHandle's around Hermosa Beach!

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