January Highlights 2024

Bumble Youtube

We created a series of ads from Bumble's Google & YouTube spaces. For the first specific concept, MediaNug worked with an amazing real life couple in the UK. They went all around town shooting at various locations to create a montage of various special moments in a relationship.

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Maybelline Matte Ink Stay

We love these simple effective ads. Beautiful talent paired with a beautiful product equals... you guessed it... beautiful creative!

Blue Buffalo

MediaNug put together a custom shoot with Blue Buffalo that was specifically made to air during an E! News show on Snapchat. The team worked with local cat trainers, and with a carefully planned shot list, executed three ads in one day, all featuring cats and delicious cat food. The animals ate well, the teams had a good time and the pieces were turned around in a very fast timeframe in order to air.

Purfect Execution