March Highlights 2024

Theragun Sense

For this Therabody project, we worked with clients and talent to review the innovative new product, Theragun Sense, in depth ahead of filming footage of the concepts. As shown in the videos, life improves drastically when you care for your mind and body with a product as revolutionary as the Theragun Sense!

Universal Kung-Fu Panda 4

We partnered with Universal to cover their World Premiere of Kung Fu Panda 4 in Los Angeles! MediaNug had a spot on the carpet to ask questions to the star studded cast for Dreamwork's TikTok page. It is true...Jack Black is awesome and even cooler in person! It is so much fun working these carpets and helping out clients create these ads that give users a sneak peak of what it's like at one of Hollywood's most glamorous events!

Great Big Story

We partnered with Great Big Story to bring their episodes onto a new platform (Snapchat). Their content is super unique in the way that every episode tells a completely different story! This also makes editing way more fun by being able to learn about all these new things/foods/places/etc. The 2000s Heartthrob episode was really special to us since it involved shows we grew up watching and loving. It was a lot of fun to put together for Great Big Story and so interesting to hear the perspective of these “teen heartthrobs” and how they felt about their tv roles.

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