What makes someone a good UGC Talent

UGC has become a force within the marketing world, and opened up a whole new genre of acting. Talent create organic content that’s native to the platform, but don’t be fooled by its curated simplicity–there is an art to it. 

Although the content is typically filmed from an iPhone, it still maintains the same quality as any other HQ shoot. Our tech specs for talent require a 4k resolution with 30fps. This will allow us to punch into product shots within our edit while maintaining a consistent look. In addition, good lighting makes all the difference. Having a ring light to highlight the talent or the product will create a clear and elevated appearance to the image. However the nature of it being iPhone footage will deter the audience from thinking that it’s too “ad-like” since it feels “natural” when scrolling. The quality of high-end ads tends to bump on platforms like TikTok where the audience has been trained to view material shot on iPhone. HQ ads that do work on these platforms tend to have either brand names, or A-list talent on their side to hook the audience. 

UGC ads also have a high probability of becoming “viral” or the opportunity to become viral. Many of the algorithms in place currently allow for the right concoction of hashtags, tagged sounds, and prime posting time–give the video a great chance of being seen by the masses. These trends can be easily tracked and would be a great thing to ask your Social Media Manager for a weekly update on. As we’ve learned in recent times, trends really do turn on a dime. 

UGC also creates the era of credibility because it comes from someone who appears as an organic user. In seeing higher-end ads, it’s clear people were paid to push the product. However, you ultimately want people to buy it because they genuinely like it–UGC gives this exact feeling. It’s a person filming from their home telling you how a product has improved their life. No lights or special gimmicks are visible to make it feel like it’s being “enhanced” in any way. It captivates the everyday user that someone just like them enjoys the product–and it works!

Here are our go-to tips for filming UGC Content: 

  • Adjust your phone settings to 4k & 30fps. This will allow you to film HQ videos, and allow for you to slow down your footage to 80% in post. 
  • Invest in some lighting equipment. Having good light is what will truly make you stand out as a creator. The footage needs to be clear–and although we want it to come off organic–it needs to feel slightly elevated. 
  • Angles Angles Angles! Much of UGC content is filmed direct to camera, but it’s always great to throw in a few new angles to captivate the audience. Maybe try a walk & talk take vs. traditional tripod, or add some movement to your product shots. 
  • Know the audience you’re selling too. This is supposed to feel natural–so if you’ve never even used the product, maybe try it out before you start filming. 
  • Be yourself. People hired you–for you! UGC is supposed to feel natural because it is. There’s no need to oversell (unless it’s requested). Throw in some lines that are specific to how you talk, or idioms you use. This will help the flow of information sound natural & authentic.